psychyl: a calm cycle for the psyche

  psychyl \ sī-kOl \ n: sequenced art works to psychologically aide in achieving a peaceful state of mind.



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September 2005:
Psychyl music licensed to NWM

Feb 2005:
Press Release: Job Stress Relief

January 2005:
Psychyl expanding availability

October 2004:
Canadian Distributor Appointed

September 2004:
Press Release: Product Launch

September 2004:
Premiere Screening at NFB




Psychyl, created by db, is the artists' collaboration of visual art and music to offer both aesthetic and wellness properties.

The goal is to blend artistic and scientific elements in an aesthetically pleasing way, harmonizing colour, shape, movement, sound, and health sciences into a new art form.

Psychyl converges ancient art and music forms, with original new concepts and modern science.

The result is a series of art, which can be enjoyed for it's aesthetics while potentially offering the benefits of stress relieve, meditation, and the associated wellness of the
body, mind and spirit.


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mandala quotes
by C. G. Jung

Only gradually did I discover
what the mandala really is:
Formation, Transformation and
Eternal Mind's eternal creation.
That is the self, the wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well is harmonious ...
Mandalas have an intuitive
character and, through their symbolical content, exert a retroactive influence on the
unconscious ...


visit with the artists live online ... click here to start a chat with db ...

simply watch and listen to relieve stress and meditate ...

about psychyl

Psychyl is a safe and effective way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and enjoy an inner calm through meditation. Using clinically-proven brainwave science and ancient meditation tools, you simply watch and listen to relax within this oasis of gently moving art and music. The science of Psychyl can allow your brain to produce more theta brainwaves, which can be measured on an EEG when a person is in deep meditation. Theta brainwaves are important for better overall health and wellness. Stress is considered to be America's #1 health problem and meditation is an effective treatment for stress relief.
(Click here for more about stress). Whether you are a homemaker, student, busy executive, professional, shift-worker, or retired person, the Psychyl program can help you feel more relaxed, well-rested, healthier and happier.

watch, listen, and meditate
The Psychyl series of DVDs & CDs can directly induce a meditative state by simply viewing and listening. Our approach is the first of itís kind, blending engaging visual and aural aesthetics with proven brainwave science.

benefits of psychyl

Psychyl is being embraced by Health-Care Professionals, who are using Psychyl to help patients with stress, pain, depression and sleep problems. You can now enjoy Psychyl at home on your TV/DVD, computer, or stereo system. It's easy to use. Psychyl contains no guided narrations, and no hypnotic suggestion or messages. Psychyl is completely safe and useful for anyone. Each DVD and CD offers different themes for various moods and tastes, offering a variety suitable for timeless enjoyment. Psychyl has been designed for you to relax in an oasis of calm, each day.

benefits of meditation

Meditation is clinically proven to enhance immune function, reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety and promote a general state of health and wellness. A person does not need to know how to meditate to use Psychyl. You can reach a meditative state as you watch, listen and enjoy the beautiful imagery and music, artistically blended into this completely unique art form.

psychyl DVDs & CDs

volume 1, "the bright seed"
Reflecting a meditative sense of space and time, embedded with binaural-beats at a theta brainwave of 7Hz.  more info ...

volume 2, "birth of planets"
Interpreting a transformation of energy and matter, with binaural-beats at a theta brainwave frequency of 6.1Hz.  more info ...

volume 3, "sea of life"
Reflecting the serenity of new life emerging from the sea, with binaural-beats at a theta brainwave of 7.83Hz. (The Earth Frequency)  more info ...

volume 4, "inner island"
Impressions of bodies within bodies of connected energies, embedded with binaural-beats at a theta brainwave frequency of 5.2Hz.  more info ...

about the name, "psychyl"
The name "psychyl", pronounced "cycle", is the final release name for the series. Psychyl is a word invented by db to express both the psyche and cycle attributes of the psychyl artworks.  During production the series had the working title of "organizing chaos" and a limited number of collectable "organizing chaos, the bright seed" DVDs may still be available at the producers' website at:

about psychyl CDs

The CDs feature the same full-length music tracks from the psychyl DVDs, with the same theta-wave binaural-beats. These CD versions are for those who wish to meditate through listening only, or times where a CD player is more convenient than DVD. Psychyl CDs are a cost-effective introduction to this artform, or as a supplement to the DVDs.

The CDs are enhanced with a CD-ROM portion, which you can play on your computer. The CD-ROM portion contains sample video excerpts  from the DVDs, as well as extensive research material on binaural-beats, neuro-aesthetics, and meditation.

NEWS: Psychyl music is now being distributed worldwide by New World Music in the UK.
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